Install anything* directly to asphalt.  Drill a hole, inject grout, drop in the anchor and use it in 15 minutes!

    No need to replace asphalt with concrete, wait 2 days for the concrete to cure then install concrete anchors.

    *See "Limitations" below

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BoltHoldSP asphalt fastener logo 125px   is a family of anchors specifically designed for asphalt. The anchors are flush-mounted to the asphalt and provide a clean female thread for attaching bolts to the anchors.

Installation requires drilling a hole and filling it with our inexpensive grout (EPX2), then pushing the anchor in until it is flush with the asphalt surface.  The grout hardens in 15 minutes allowing immediate installation and use.   

Model SP10 SP12 SP18
Pull Rating, lb.  1,500  2,000  2,500
Shear Rating, ls.  1,000  1,500  2,000
Torque Rating, lb-in  220  220  280
Thread 3/8"-16  3/8"-16  7/16"-14 
Thread depth 2.5"  2.5"  2.5" 
Anchor Length 6"  12"  12" 
Drill Hole 7/8"  7/8"  1" 
SKU (part number) 6-pack 01-6310.38K  01-6315.38K   01-6318.71K
SKU 54-pack 01-6310.38L 01-6315.38L 01-6318.71L


BoltHold asphalt anchors are manufactured by the Asphalt Anchors Group of Designated Parking Corp.


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SP1X-EPX2 275H

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How to Install a BoltHold Anchor


BoltHold anchors have been used in hundreds of unique applications. Listed below are some of the more common applications. Click on highlighted applications for more details.

  • Shopping cart corrals
  • Street Lights
  • Traffic Signs
  • Railings and Guardrails
  • Bus Shelters
  • Equipment Platforms
  • Static Discharge poles
  • Bleachers
  • Oil Drums tiedown
  • Solar Panels
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Steps


Asphalt will resist significant short-duration loads.  However, if continuous pull is applied to the anchors especially at elevated temperatures, the pull resistance of the anchors needs to be derated.  See "SPxx Installation Guide.pdf" for more information.


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When temperatures drop below 40 degrees F, follow EPX2 manual how to handle the grout.  Also check alternate epoxies.


New Applications

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