BoltHold™ asphalt anchors were developed in 2004 when Designated Parking Corp, a sister company, needed a method to attach its parking barriers to asphalt surfaces.

By 2009 wide interest in the product lead to the formation of a separate subsidiary – Asphalt Anchors Group. (AAG), to design, manufacture and market these specialty anchors.  The fast growth of AAG lead to the 2016 incorporation of Asphalt Anchors Corp. (AAC) as a separate and independent company.

AAC is a US based designer and manufacturer. Production is done in an affiliated factory in Shenzhen, China, and the anchors are warehoused in Hillside NJ. Export orders can be shipped directly from China.

The company is managed by Rudor (Dori) Teich, a veteran serial entrepreneur with 40 years experience in marketing and manufacturing.

Asphalt Anchors is a member of STAFDA, the Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Organization. BoltHold is a registered trade name owned by Asphalt Anchors Corp.