1. Anchor concrete M8 x 30mm

Anchor concrete M8 x 30mm

Short Drop-in 3/8" drill M8 thread
Part Number: 46-1014
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  • Requires: tool 83-0005

Drop in anchor for concrete floors where the depth of the hole must be restricted.  This is the case with pre-stressed garage floors which are reinforced with steel bands under tension.  The anchor accepts a M8 bolt up to 3/4" long.

This anchor requires a 3/8" hole, 1" deep.  After dropping the anchor in place, use tool 83-0005 and a hammer to force open the wings of the anchor. Anchor is made of Zinc coated steel.

Note that the M8 bolt does not contribute to the retention of the anchor in the concrete; that is controlled solely by the tool.  This feature allows different length bolts to be used.