The BoltHold asphalt anchors are designed to be installed flush with the asphalt surface. After installing the anchors, the equipment is placed over the anchors and is clamped to the anchors using bolts.

Our customers have encountered numerous applications where it is not practical to in- stall the anchors and then lift the equipment to place it over the anchors. In that case the anchors need to be installed through the mounting plate of the equipment.

The example describes the installation of the SP18 anchor (our largest).

1. drill a 1" hole through the plate and through the asphalt to a depth of 12"

2. Enlarge the hole through the plate to 1.5" diameter

3. Install the anchor as usual using grout and making sure the anchor is flush with the asphalt surface.

4. Remove the bolt and washer that protect the thread in the anchor

5. Drop in washers with an ID of 1/2" and an OD of between 1' and 1.4", until the top washer is flush with the bracket's top

6. Place a washer with OD of 2" and ID of 1/2" on the top.

7. Use a 7/16" bolt Course thread, with a length of 1" plus the height of the bracket, and tighten.