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Asphalt Anchor BoltHold SP12-38 stainless, 6-PACK
6x Stainless Steel

Asphalt Anchor BoltHold SP12-38 stainless, 6-PACK

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12" long, 3/8" Female thread, with STAINLESS bolt and washer; 2,000 lb. rated
Part Number: 01-6315.3SK
Availability: In Stock.211
  • Items per carton: 6
  • Requires: EXP2 or EXP3 per calculator on this page
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • HS Code (Export): 7318.19
  • NMFC code (trucking): 55
Below are alternate anchors:
Quantity Price
1 - 3 $102.00
4 - 7 $96.90
8 - 15 $91.80
16 - 35 $86.70
36+ $81.60

SP12 is a medium duty asphalt anchor rated at 2,000 lb pull. The 12" long anchor is designed to mount plates, fences, machinery directly to asphalt surfaces. The SP12 anchors are mounted flush with the surface of the roadway, so that attached devices can be removed without leaving dangerous screws or protrusions on the walkway. For technical information, datasheets and installation manuals, please visit our main library.

SP12-38S is a stainless steel version of the anchor. The anchor requires a 7/8" hole 12" deep and the use of a grout such as our EPX2. A 1.4" welded washer at the top of the anchor prevents the anchor from dropping below the surface as well as preventing the anchor from being pulled up into the mounting plate when the bolt is tightened. The washer incorporates a 3/8"-16 UNC female thread.

The SP12-38K is a set of 6 anchors, each pre-installed with a stainless bolt and a stainless washer.