1. Bolt 3/8"-16 x 0.75" Hex Tap
Bolt 3/8
41-4025 Hex tap Bolt 3/8"-16 x 0.75" (was 41-4101)

Bolt 3/8"-16 x 0.75" Hex Tap

was SKU 41-4101
Part Number: 41-4025
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Shipping Weight: 0.1 lbs per unit

This bolt is used for the SP14F and SP12-38 asphalt anchors.  It can be used to attach the structure to the anchor, and/or to protect the thread of the anchor when the anchor is driven into the ground ("sacrificial bolt").  (Do not hammer the anchors without this protection, else the thread will become deformed and the anchors will not accept the bolts.)

The bolt is grade 5 galvanized.  Minimum order 6 bolts.

When using the bolt to attach the plate to the anchor, the plate thickness must be 1/8" or less for SP12-38, and not more than 1/4" for the SP14.  Use longer bolts for thicker plates; the goal is to have at least 5/16" (4 threads) inside the anchor.  Use 7/16" socket or wrench for the head.