1. Bolt Security M8 x 14mm
Bolt Security M8 x 14mm
Security Bolt M8 x 14mm

Bolt Security M8 x 14mm

Part Number: 41-4016
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Shipping Weight: 0.05 lbs per unit

DPC has a line of security bolts that are compatible with our metric (SP10-M8 and SP12-M8) asphalt anchors.  All the bolts have a M8 x 1.25 pitch thread.  The head is Tri-Groove and requires a special socke (51-6202) in order to install and remove the bolt.  The head design makes it difficult to grab with a pliers.  When used with the proper socket, considerable torque can be applied to secure the bolt.

The bolts are made from steel with chrome plating.  Minimum order is 6 bolts.