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BoltHold CG40 Hi-Thrust 40:1 Caulk Gun for EPX3

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40:1 Caulk Gun for EXP3 Grout Epoxy
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The CG40 caulk gun is particularly suitable for applying our EPX3 epoxy grout.  The EPX3 is a 2-part cartridge where the two chambers are arranged concentrically inside a single 10 oz (0.1 gallon) cartridge.  A nozzle at the end of the cartridge mixes the two components and the output is a uniform mixture ready to bond our anchors to the asphalt.  The mixing of the two parts of the EPX3 required significant force.  A regular painter's caulk gun can not generate such forces.  The 40:1 mechanical gain of the CG40 makes applying the grout a breeze, even for medium size jobs (50-200 anchors  in succession).

The comfortable handle provides smooth discharge of the epoxy with minimal drip when the pressure on the handle is stopped.  A simple release allows removal of the cartridge even if the cartridge still has material in it.  To continue applying the epoxy after more than 10 minutes of stoppage, you will need to replace the mixing nozzle as the epoxy is likely to have started to harden in the nozzle.  The cartridge can be used as is with the new nozzle.