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BoltHold EPX3 Anchoring Epoxy Cartridge
Epoxy Cartridge Low Temp

BoltHold EPX3 Anchoring Epoxy Cartridge

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EPX3 wide-temperature-range grout
Part Number: 82-6002
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Shipping Weight: 2 lbs per unit
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BACKORDERED UNTIL END OF MAY  Use EXP2 instead.  The EPX3 is a two-component resin adhesive-grout particularly suitable for anchoring into asphalt.  The grout can be applied at temperatures as low as 14ºF.  

The grout fills the crevices in the asphalt as it cures, forming a strong mechanical bond with the asphalt on the one hand, and with the anchor on the other. This is a stress-free bond that does not weaken with time. 

The EPX3 is supplied as a single 10 oz. cartridge that fits a single-tube caulk gun.  We recommend the use of our CG40 hi-thrust caulk gun with 40:1 mechanical gain.  The cartridge contains both parts of the resin. A static mixing nozzle (shown next to the cartridge in the picture on top of the page) fits on the thread at the top of the cartridge, and will discharge a proper mix of the two resin components.  One nozzle is supplied with the cartridge.  

The EPX3 is suitable for use where it may come into contact with potable water.

To see how many cartridges you need for the job, use our Grout Calculator.