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BoltHold Flattener for recessing anchor head
Flatterner Tool

BoltHold Flattener for recessing anchor head

Part Number: 01-6390
Availability: In Stock.50
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs per unit
NOTICE:  You do not need this tool for most installations!

This tool is used to allow the head of the anchor to be completely flush with the asphalt surface. It can be used with all BoltHold anchors. The tool is applied after drilling but before the grout is poured.  It compacts the asphalt where the head will be located, creating a recess that nestles the head of the anchor.  DO NOT APPLY THIS TOOL TO AN INSERTED OR INSTALLED ANCHOR!

The head of the anchors is 2mm (0.080") high, and when the anchor is pushed flush with the asphalt, the top of the head will protrude by this thickness above the asphalt.  Usually that is not a problem, but in applications where the devices are removed for winter and snow is mechanically plowed, it is possible that the head will be caught in the sharp edge of the snowplow and damage both the plow and the anchor.

The flattener tool can only be used before the anchor's installation, before the anchor or the grout has been inserted into the hole.  Place the smaller diameter of the flattener into the hole and hammer the other end with a 3 lb. hammer until the asphalt under the tool is 0.1" lower than the undisturbed surface.

The tool is made of steel and is zinc plated.