The BoltHold anchor line comprises anchors with force ratings ranging from 1,500 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. in asphalt.  These rating apply for loads that are intermittent, such as wind gusts, impacts and the like.  The ratings need to be scaled down to 25% when a constant force is expected to be applied, especially subject to elevated ambient temperatures.  The reason is that asphalt, under constant pressure, will flow, slowly.  

An example of an application where the load on the anchors needs to be derated is the holding of tent or structures' guy wires.  The guy wires, or cords, are typically attached to the anchors using eyebolts and are under constant tension.

While a suitable eye bolt can be found in our line, any one anchor is unlikely to be up to the task of resisting a continuous tension for large tents.  The solution is to use a small plate to group 3 or 4 anchors and share the load of a common eyebolt.

A detailed explanation how to select the best anchors for such application is found in the Eyebolt Datasheet.  The data sheet also contains suggestions how to properly use eyebolts.