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Drill bit Masonry , 1
Masonry Drill bit, 1" x 16" for SP18

Drill bit Masonry , 1" x 16" for SP18

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for SP18. Can be used for SP10 and SP12
Part Number: 83-1003
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Shipping Weight: 3 lbs per unit

This drill bit is specifically suitable for installations of the SP18 asphalt anchor.  The bit can drill to a depth of 16" through asphalt, gravel and earth.  The shank is SDS+ compatible. 

SDS+ shank drill bits have two deep slots and two shallow slots on the shank for additional hold in your rotary hammer.  Shank diameter is 0.393". Use with an SDS+ drive rotary hammer. Total length of drill bit is 18". 

The bit has carbide tips for long life.  Carbide is preferred over diamond tips as the hole they dril in asphalt is rougher, promoting improved adhesion between the asphalt and the adhesive grout.  The hole still needs to be carefully cleaned from dust using compressed air.

While bit life varies with the surface of the asphalt and the gravel under it, we had reports of drilling 300 holes with one bit.