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EPX2 Grout in 12oz bag, 6-PACK

Grout for use with asphalt anchors
Part Number: 82-5002.K
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  • Items per carton: 6
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1 $24.00
2 - 3 $22.80
4 - 5 $21.60
6 - 17 $20.40
18+ $19.20

The EPX2 is a cement-based anchoring grout, for use in anchoring the BoltHold anchors. DO NOT USE THIS GROUT with our DACROMET coated anchors.

The grout is packaged in a resealable plastic bag weighing 12 oz (0.75 lb.). Add water (1 part water to 5 parts of cement), reseal the bag and knead until it is fully mixed. Pour by unzipping a corner of the bag and tilting it.  The grout set time is 15 minutes, will cure in an hour and can be subjected to full load after 2 hours.

Each bag contains enough grout for (4) SP10, or (2) SP12 or (1.5) SP18 or (0.8) SP58 anchors. The 82-5002.K is a carton set of SIX bags. Carton dimensions 9" x 6" x 3".

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