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EPX2 grout in 10 lbs. Plastic Tub
10 lbs. Cement

EPX2 grout in 10 lbs. Plastic Tub

BoldHold EPX2 Anchoring Grout, 10 lb. Tub
Part Number: 82-5002.010
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Shipping Weight: 11 lbs per unit
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4 - 7 $23.92
8 - 15 $22.88
16+ $21.84

The EPX2 is an anchoring adhesive ("grout"), used for installing our BoltHold anchors. The contents of the tub is a special expanding cement that, after being mixed with water, is poured into the hole in the asphalt and cures to a hard water-resistant material that bonds to the anchor and to the asphalt.  The grout is packaged in a 3-liter tub, weighing 10 lb.  Tub dimensions 6" high, 8.5" diameter.

The grout set time is 15 minutes at 70F.  The cure time at 70F is an hour after which the anchors can be subjected to partial load.  Full load can be applied after 2 hours.  We suggest mixing small amounts at a time, unless there is a team of 3 mixing/pouring/installing the anchors.

Note that the curing times are dependent on the air and asphalt temperatures.  Once the temperature drops below 50F, the grout may not start to cure at all.  See AN36 for suggestions how to handle installation at low temperatures, and AN65 for suggestion for hot weather.  We recommend using the EPX3 epoxy at low temperatures.  Click here for more information.

To calculate how much grout you need for your job, see the Grout Calculator.

Note that this material can also be purchased from Home Depot as Quikrete Anchoring Cement.