It is our human nature to first try to solve a problem with known tools. If you are comfortable using expansion anchors to mount devices to concrete, my job is to save you grief. Do not use these anchors to install on asphalt.

Our friend Jennifer Stanley ([email protected]), the Bicycle Facilities Coordinator for the City of Oakland CA, sent us the picture on the right. Her comment was that this picture "further emphasizes the necessity of asphalt anchors" when installing to asphalt.

The picture shows expansion anchors used to secure a bike rack to an Oakland street. Within weeks, the anchors loosened up and rose as seen in the 6 bolts that are loose. Note previous attempts to secure the rack in the open holes next to the rack.

Contrast this to the use of our SP10 asphalt anchors. Oakland has been using them since 2015, with no failures in the 3 years. As a matetr of fact, some racks got seriously damaged when they were in the way of wayward cars, but the anchors held fast.