As someone who works with contractors and builders, I understand what it takes to put in even a simple fencepost, particularly when these are mounted into special surface like asphalt. Variables like windspeed, fence type and size, and people climbing over the fence need to be considered to select what will keep the fence grounded. A miscalculation can mean either overspending or dealing with the consequences of a weak fence installation and a strong wind. 

To simplify the specification and ordering process for asphalt installations, I developed a family of online calculators that ask you questions and produce a complete solution.  The fence calculator asks for the dimensions, type of fence and the desired wind resistance in miles per hour and provides the least cost anchor size and how many are required per post.  Likewise, the sign post calculator and the carport calculator will provide you with least cost well designed anchoring solutions.

I am excited about what these calculators mean for our customers. For the first time a contractor can feel comfortable mounting structures and objects to asphalt.  Using our BoltHold anchors makes the installation quick without damaging the asphalt. Customers and contractors can speed up installation and save money, resulting in a strong, long lasting installation.

All 3 calculators accessible at no charge and without need to re4gister on our redesigned web site.  The site allows the user to select the anchors they need based on the end application, as well as by the anchors’ strength.

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