A modern mini-roundabout is a circular intersection where drivers travel counterclockwise around a center island. There are no traffic signals or stop signs in such roundabouts. Drivers yield at entry to traffic in the mini-roundabout, and then enter the intersection and exit at their desired street.

Studies by the US Federal Highway Administration have found that well-designed mini-roundabouts can increase traffic capacity by 30% to 50% compared to traditional intersections, while reducing intersection accidents by a similar amount.

The catch is that large vehicles cannot always make the required sharp turns and still stay within the defined narrow lanes of the traditional roundabouts. This may cause delays and confusion as long vehicles seek alternate routes.

To overcome this problem, ZKxKZ, LLC., an engineering firm in Massachusetts, has developed the Vortex™ Mini-roundabout. A mini-roundabout allows oversize vehicles to drive over the roundabout circle and the splitter islands that guide the approaches without damaging the vehicles or the islands.

Vortex is a modular set of recycled plastic tiles that are used to build up distinct and visible low height circles and splitter islands. Cars are required to follow the lanes created by these modules, while larger vehicles that can’t make the turn can drive over the mini-roundabout surface in the intersection.

Because Vortex is subjected to heavy vehicles driving over its components daily, it needs to be well bolted into the asphalt roadway, so its tiles will not pop out or get loose. That is where our BoltHold anchors come into service.

“Of course, safely installing the Vortex is our number one priority,” Jerry Fanucci, ZKxKZ CEO said, “So we didn’t just want to use any bolts. There are large vehicles that will certainly strain the Vortex and whatever’s holding it down. Luckily Asphalt Anchors were not only easy to install, but maintained a very strong attachment between our plastic modules and the road surface.” ZKxKZ plans now to expand the installations of mini-roundabout system in the US and Canada, using Asphalt Anchors whenever applicable.