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Mixing Nozzle for EPX3/EPX5 cartridges
10:1 static mixing nozzle for EPX3 cartridge

Mixing Nozzle for EPX3/EPX5 cartridges

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Our EPX3 and EPX5 single cartridge adhesives includes two resin components.  When mixed together at the ratio of 10:1, the output is a fast curing hard "epoxy" (actually an acrylic) used as grout for anchoring our asphalt anchors.  The nozzle is screwed into the end of the cartridge.  A high-force caulking gun is used to push the contents of the cartridge through the nozzle, where it mixes the components and discharges the grout directly into the hole in the asphalt.  The anchor is then pushed in until flush with the surface.

This item is sold in multiples of 6.