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MySpot 500 Remote Controlled Parking Barrier BACK-ORDER!!
Clean, Elegant design hides a sophisticated parking barrier

MySpot 500 Remote Controlled Parking Barrier BACK-ORDER!!

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Battery-Powered Remote Controlled parking barrier for indoors/outdoors applications
Part Number: 01-6240.V2
Availability: Not for Sale.0
  • Items per carton: 1
  • Requires: AK4 for asphalt
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • HS Code (Export): 8479.79
  • NMFC code (trucking): 60
  • Special Feature: 2 years battery life
Quantity Price
1 - 2 $395.00
3+ $380.00

  MySpot 500 V2 is a self-contained, battery powered, remote controlled barrier. The “500” restricts unauthorized access to parking spaces, driveways and access ramps, while providing the convenience of remote control to authorized vehicles. This model is rated for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. 

The MySpot 500 offers 2 years / 10,000 up-and-down cycles on one set of 5 commercially available "D" alkaline batteries.  Installation is simple and fast – no digging or major site preparation is required.

MySpot 500 is supplied with two radio transmitters (fobs). The system can accommodate up to 15 transmitters. The radio code system is compatible with the HomeLink® programmable visor transmitter, available as a factory option on luxury cars worldwide.  Each fob can control 9 side-by-side barriers individually.

The kit includes all the hardware required to mount the unit on concrete surfaces.  For asphalt surfaces order our optional AK-4 kit.