Sheds, walls and other structures are usually built from the ground up using a 2x4, 2x6 or larger structural lumber nailers as the starting point. The nailers are attached to the ground, and the structure is attached to the nailers.

Attaching the nailers to asphalt must follow some basic rules:

1. You can not nail it to the asphalt

2. When using BoltHold asphalt anchors the anchors MUST be installed flush to the ground, and the nailer is then placed over the anchors

3. The nailer is attached to the anchors with bolts. That requires clearance holes to be drilled in the nailer. ("Clearance" means that the diameter of the hole is slightly larger than the bolt, to leave a clearance for alignment of the holes to the anchors.)

If you prefer to install the anchors THROUGH the nailer, rather than under it, see the correct way to do it:

The problem with the NONO picture is that there is no way to tighten the bolt that captures the nailer to the anchor. That is why we recommend the second method. The spacer is required so that, as you tighten the bolt that captures the nailer, you will not pull the anchor out of the asphalt.