The key metric that defines an anchor used to secure structures to asphalt is it pull force resistance.

As the innovator in the asphalt anchor industry, we encounter a lot of experienced engineers that have a healthy dose of doubt about our pull-force resistance claims. But the dramatic cost benefits of using our anchors provide a strong incentive for architects, mechanical engineers and PE to actually run their own pull tests.

We have previously provided guidelines for a simple vertical pull test setup. Recently, a customer was faced with a need to verify pull resistance at a 45 degree angle. I was impressed with the simple and effective method that they devised: placing a fork lift at the right distance and height from the anchor, and pulling using a heavy duty come along, through a digital load cell and a chain. With the weight of the forklift and the flexibility of its tires, the digital readings were stable and easy to increment.

When the SP12 anchor internal thread finally yielded at 5,400 lb. pull, anchor was still firmly embedded in the thick asphalt. It should be noticed that the anchor is rated for 2,000 lb. vertical pull.