The Alternative to Guessing is Testing

Will My Installation Meet Real-Life Requirements?

If your anchoring application is critical, the best way to verify that the installation will meet its requirements is to run sample pull tests.  A simple pull test will eliminate much of the risks associated with installation on an unknown surface -  how thick is the asphalt top layer, what is underneath, is the asphalt in good shape, how dense is the asphalt, etc.

A pull test can be run to failure, or to verify a minimum level of resistance.  The latter test is faster and will not damage the installation and is recommended for existing installations to verify consistency of installation.  The test to failure, on the other hand, is recommended as a pre-installation data collection.  It can save money by tailoring the anchor selection to the required strength.  

Asphalt Anchors has developed a special pull tester suitable for asphalt surfaces.  The tester is available for purchase or rent.  For details call 973-669-8214 ext 1.

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