This calculator lays out the anchoring points, the number and model of anchors for least cost anchoring to meet specified winds.
Shed calc screenshot

New Application Note -- Why Rebar Spike Fail as Anchors

Rebar anchors are widely used to anchor speed bumps and wheel stops to asphalt.  But they fail quickly.  This AN61 explains why.

New Video -- Installing a Shelter to Asphalt

Fraser Assembly Inc. (Toronto Canada) Just released a video demonstrating how to assemble and secure a shed to asphalt using BoltHold anchors.  The company specializes in assembling all types of structures as a service.

Specialty Anchors Secure Tents to Asphalt!

In response to the soaring demand for outdoor dining as well as outdoor Covid testing, Asphalt Anchors Corp. is offering a method of anchoring that allows shade to be added immediately without damage to parking lots.  Furthermore, the solution is useable over many seasons, allowing tents, canopies and even carports to be seasonaly removed for the winter and reinstalled on the previously fixed anchors.

See the news release here.
See the Tents Primer Booklet here.  4 page guide for anyone considering adding an outdoor space on asphalt.

New Group Calculator 

When you need to use more than one anchor to attach a plate or a post, this tool computes the total resistance force.  The tool corrects for asphalt thickness and the proximity between the anchors.  Go Here.

5 New Calculators

We added 5 free calculators that make it easy to design a solution using our anchors. See here