With the continuous work on our crumbling infrastructure, steel plates are to the roads what a zipper is to our clothes. The asphalt is removed to gain access to pipes, sewage and electrical cabling, then it needs to be covered for traffic to resume.

Usually, the plates are dropped in place and their own weight keeps them from sliding around. However, this is not always effective. The consequences of 'travelling' road plates can be quite dramatic, as the picture on the right attests.

Another frequent complaint about temporary plates is the clank clank noise of passing vehicles over the plates. That can be particularly troublesome at night in residential neighborhoods.

The solution? Fix the plates using asphalt anchors. This is particularly economical for applications where the plates are removed in the morning and reinstalled in the evening until the job is completed. The anchors need to be installed once, and bolts are used to attach the plates to the anchors. The bolts are removed the next time the plates need to be moved, and work can continue without the anchors being in the way as they are flush with the asphalt.

We recommend the use of BoldHold SP18 asphalt anchors.