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Sample AM625 Free Shipping
1x Molded Anchor

Sample AM625 Free Shipping

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Plastic Asphalt Anchor with screw and washer, 6" long, 1,500 lbs. pull rated, sample of one
Part Number: 01-7625.1
Availability: stock:16 Free Shipping.
  • Items per carton: 1
  • Requires: Adhesive grout EPX2 or EPX3. Not included with sample.
  • Tools Required: Hammer Drill, 7/8" drill, Torx T30 drive bit
  • Special Features:: Won't rust, same ratings as SP10
Below are alternate anchors:

This item is a sample of the BoltHold AM625.  The anchor is a molded asphalt anchor rated at 1,500 lbs. pull. The 6" long anchor is designed to mount bike racks, signs, machinery directly to asphalt surfaces. Shipping is free.

For technical information please select the tabs above.

The anchor is supplied with a 1.5" long 1/4" thread-cutting screw and a washer.  The screw has a T30 (Torx) head.  It accommodates mounting plates up to 1" thick.  The anchor requires a 7/8" hole, 6" deep, and the use of an adhesive grout such as our EPX2 or EPX3 (not included!). A 1.2" head at the top of the anchor prevents the anchor from dropping below the surface as well as preventing the anchor from being pulled up into the mounting plate when the bolt is tightened.

The anchors are mounted flush with the surface of the roadway; attached objects can be removed without leaving dangerous screws or protrusions on the surface.

Also included is an graphic installation instruction.