Anchoring Normal and Cantilever Racks to Asphalt

"Normal" racks are bound by 4 vertical posts. Cantilever racks have a center wall or vertical brackets on which shelves are hung.

Asphalt anchors work surprisingly well to resist short duration forces. Thus, if the cantilever racks are self supporting on the asphalt (meaning that they do not tend to tip of their own accord), asphalt anchors will work well. If, however, the racks tip and depend on the anchors to continuously hold them together and in place, then we would not recommend using asphalt anchors in that application.

A volume application for our anchors has been to secure racks against earthquakes in Hawaii. We also hear repeatedly of the anchors being used to secure racks where the concern is stability against accidental bumping by material handling equipment.

If you decide to install racks on asphalt, do not forget to place plates under the support brackets to distribute the weight over a larger area, else the brackets may sink into the asphalt.

We recommend the use of our SP18 for this application.