Our asphalt anchors are to asphalt what mollies are to sheetrock walls -- they provide a female receptacle for screws or bolts, to attach structures to the surface. For example, if you need to attach rubber speed bumps to asphalt with bolts, you drill holes in the asphalt, fill them with our grout and push anchors in until the head of the anchor is resting on the asphalt. For most applications, the anchor is considered flush with the asphalt and the speed bump will be attached securely to the surface.

Often the the speed bumps have to be removed every Fall to allow snow plows to keep the road

driveable. The attaching bolts are removed, the bumps are stored for the winter, and all is well. But we encountered cases where the snowplow blades actually engaged the head of the anchor -- even though the head is only 0.080" high.

Fortunately, asphalt is pliable. If you encounter a case where you need to sink the anchor's head below the asphalt surface, happer the asphalt before pouring the grout using out Flattener tools. A couple of hammer lows and the asphalt compacts enough to allow the head to be at or below the surface.

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