1. Tool for 1/4" Drop-In Anchor
Tool for 1/4
83-0004 Tool for 1/4" Drop-In Anchor

Tool for 1/4" Drop-In Anchor

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Tool sets the anchor 46-1015 in concrete
Part Number: 83-0004
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This tool is required to properly set the 46-1015 1/4" drop-in anchor in the concrete.  The Tool is placed inside the anchor and hammered in until the lip of the tool touches the lip of the anchor.  This assures that the wings of the anchor have been forced open firmly against the walls of the hole in the concrete.

Note that the 1/4" bolt (that is used to attach a bracket to the anchor) does not contribute to the opening of the wings.  This allows bolts of varying length to be used without impacting on the holding capacity of the anchor in concrete.