1. Transmitter HTm

Transmitter HTm

Key fob transmitter for MS200 and MS500
Part Number: Jan-25
Availability: In Stock.199
Shipping Weight: 1 lbs per unit

The HTm is a handheld RF transmitter that is used to control the MySpot 500 barrier. Note that the MySpot 500 kit already includes 2 HTm.  Additional, or replacement fobs, can be used and programmed in the field to work with the MySpot 500.

The HTm 3 keys (buttons) each transmits a preset digital code. This code acts as a “passkey” that allows control of the barrier in MySpot 500 — if the “key” matches the authorized list in the “500”. Each transmitter key is programmed at the factory with a different code; no two keys have the same code.  Each HTm can control up to 9 individual MySpot 500 located side-by-side.  Each MySpot 500 can accommodate 15 separate HTm's.  If a larger number of HTm's is needed to control a common barrier (event parking, handicapped parking), a special version of the HTm with a Common Code is available (HT433CC).

The HTm key is added to the authorized list in the MySpot 500 (or MySpot 200) through a simple proprietary and secure procedure ("pairing") that uses one authorized HT to authorize another.

•   2 CR2016 button batteries
•   2-5 years battery life 
•   HomeLink® Compatible 
•   1 million code combinations
•   CE and FCC certified