1. Transmitter PK250 controls 250 spots

Transmitter PK250 controls 250 spots

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Keypad remote controller for MS200 and MS500
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The PK250 wireless portable keyboard provides individual control of up to 250 MySpot 200 or MySpot 500 Barriers.  Applications include:

• Front desk control of barriers in hotels, offices, shops
• Valet parking
• Guard Booth
• Handicap parking
• Parking lot management
• MySpot 200/500 configuration

OPERATION   Each of the barriers is visually identified by a number ranging from 1 to 250. To control the barrier, the number is entered on the keypad, followed by the Enter button. The PK250 transmits the unique code associated with that barrier, and the barrier will toggle (change) its state (from Up to Down, or vice versa).

The PK250 supports discrete commands. An UP command will be ignored if the barrier is already up, and a DOWN command will likewise be ignored when the unit is down. These commands are useful for remotely controlling the barrier, without visual contact to know where the barrier is positioned.

The control range is 200-300 feet using the shown antenna. However, the PK250 can be connected through its F connector to a fixed antenna to boost the range by a factor of 4 or more.

PROGRAMMING  The PK250 is paired with the various barriers in a method similar to the programming of the HT hand held controllers. See barrier installer manual for details.

The PK250 is powered by 3 AAA standard alkaline batteries. The batteries should last 25,000 activations. Batteries can be readily replaced in the field.