Stall tents are widely used for sales and pop-up stores. Often, these are to be mounted on asphalt parking lots, to be removed a day or two later. And installed a weekend later, or next year.

Rather than start anew every time, customers install our BoltHold asphalt anchors once, then reuse them time and again.

The feature that endears our anchors is that, when not in use, they flush blend with the surface of the asphalt without danger of tripping pedestrians or cars.

For most applications, our SP10-38 anchor is more than adequate. But certain conditions need to be met to make sure that they are suitable for your application:

  1. The asphalt is at least 2.25" thick.

  2. The static tension on the anchors is limited to 500 lb. Static means the tension without wind or before that car plowed into the tent.

  3. We recommend using bungee cords for the cables as these guarantee a controlled pull force.

  4. Use eyebolts to attach the cables to the anchor. When you remove the tent, unscrew the eyebolts.

  5. When the anchors are not used, protect their threads with our ThreadGuard snap-in inserts.

  6. Where winds in excess of 35 MPH are expected, have a PE (professional engineer) calculate the wind resistance of the installation and the pull on the anchors.

  7. The ultimate dynamic resistance against pull for the BoltHold anchors ranged from 1,500 lb. To 2,500 lb. in 2.5" asphalt. The resistance increases proportionally with the asphalt thickness.

  8. When in doubt, Contact Us