Our anchors are, in effect, large nuts that get buried in asphalt. You screw a suitable bolt into the "nut" to secure a device to the anchor and thus to the asphalt.

Time may come when you need to remove the device, either due to seasonal reasons (speed bumps in the snow season) or because the structure needs replacing or updating. If you did not take special precautions when installing the bolts, chances are that the bolt will be impossible to remove without damaging the anchors themselves. The reasons are seizing due to galling.

Galling is caused by a transfer of metal from the nut to the bolt (or vice versa) due to high pressure and sometime electrical currents running through the materials. The popular term is seizing.

All our anchor bolts are coated with an anti-seize material when shipped from the factory. Just touch the thread of the bolt in the anchor and the dark gray grease you feel with confirm that the bolts are protected (less now that you removed some of the grease with your finger). However, if you supply your own bolts (e.g. when our bolts are too short for your application), you must apply a suitable anti-seize lubricant.

Use Permatex Nickel version 77164 for STAINLESS STEEL anchors. Use the copper based 80078 for the standard Zinc plated anchors. You can use pastes from other manufacturers; we happen to use Permatex.