The new AM625 plastic anchor has similar capabilities to our popular SP10 steel anchors.  However, they are not directly interchangeable.  Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Please review the comparison table below to determine which is the better solution for your application.  Call us at 1 973 669-8214 with any questions.

Feature SP10 AM625 Notes
Pull resistance, lbs in 2.5" thick asphalt 1,500 1,200  
Pull Resistance, lbs in 4" thick asphalt 2,400 1,200 AM625 is limited to 1,500 lbs regardless of strength of asphalt.  SP10 can handle 3,000 lbs. if the asphalt allows it.
Shear Resistance, lbs. In 2.5" thick asphalt 1,000 750  
Shear Resistance, lbs. In 4" thick asphalt 1,500 750 AN625 is limited to 1,000 shear regardless of the strength of the asphalt.
Salt Test, hours 10 unlimited Salt test indicates resistance to rusting.  The AM625 being molded from plastic will not rust.
Compatible with Potable water depends yes The SP10 stainless steel version is compatible with potable water.  The Zinc version is not.