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Explore Bolthold™ products for securing all kinds of structures to asphalt.

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Watch this video for an understanding of why you should never use concrete or expansion anchors with asphalt.

Bolthold™: the singular solution for multiple applications

For state, city, or municipality projects, and private installations, there's only one brand that can handle all these applications.
See all the different anchors we offer, and how to use them. Then, just drill, fill, and hammer flush.
Speed Bumps
Speed Bumps
Speed bumps are an essential tool for traffic management and safety. Bolthold™ keeps them secure with anchors that can resist up to 5,000 lbs. pull force.
Delineators are an often in-demand requirement for road and highway traffic flow. Keep them in place with Bolthold™ anchors - no jackhammer required!
Bicycle Racks
Bicycle Racks
Bicycle racks have become very popular in both urban and suburban settings. Typically installed directly to asphalt. Trust Bolthold™ for safety and security.
Bollards are heavy duty posts, used to prevent vehicular access or to protect structures from being accidentally hit. Bolt-mounted bollards can be installed directly to asphalt using our BoltHold anchors.
Carport anchoring is a popular application for our anchors. We have developed a special calculator that will guide you as to the type and number of anchors required for each post of the carport.
Shopping Cart Corrals
Cart Corrals
Shopping cart corrals are mostly installed in parking lots. After at least one person was gravely injured during a windstorm that hurled a shopping corral, some major grocery chains started tying the corrals down using our BoltHold anchors.
Why choose BoltHold

Why choose Bolthold™?

For more than 20 years, Bolthold™ has been solving the toughest problems of securing structures to asphalt. So be on the lookout for manufacturers that claim that their expansion anchors are suitable for asphalt. No other anchor offers the science, the experience or the sheer strength of Bolthold™ asphalt anchors.

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Impressive results, I was worried I would not be able to securely anchor my small bollards in the asphalt on my lot, but these little babies absolutely did the trick.

- Daniel Whipps, May 18, 2024

I was surprised by the sheer size of the SP-18s, but given the power they provide, it made sense. These anchors are strong. Plain and simple.

- J. Daniele, Sr. Construction Manager

Awesome product solves anchor problem These are great and a relatively easy way to anchor in asphalt. Used SP10 + EPX3

- Kurtis Gale

Perfect For Our Gazebo. I have used this product in the past and was very pleased. This is why I came back! The ground anchors work as the video shows, no fluff, just a great product. Keep up the great work you do!!

- Terry Davis

Amazed at how effective they are! Used these to secure vinyl fence posts on asphalt. Worked beyond my expectations.

- Anthony Turriello

Best In Class, I've tried pretty much every asphalt type anchor made and they all failed till now. Should have started with these anchors they will not fail you the epoxy is bulletproof strong!

- Greg

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