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Nylon Tube Brush, ¾
Nylon Tube Brush

Nylon Tube Brush, ¾" Diameter

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Nylon Brush for cleaning holes after drilling in asphalt
Part Number: 46-3001
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This brush is specifically recommended for use to clean drilled holes in asphalt.  The ¾" x3" tubular brush is attached to a semi-rigid steel wire handle.  Total item length is 8.5".  It is suitable for all our anchors.

After drilling a hole in the asphalt, it is essential to prepare the hole for the grout adhesive.  First blow the dust away from the hole area, then force air into the hole and blow until no further dust comes out.  Now apply the brush to the hole surface, going down at least 4-6 inches.  Apply fair amount of force against the walls of the hole while moving the brush up and down, making sure to cover the entire circumference of the hole.  Pull the brush out and tap or air clean it every few strokes.  Continue until no dust is vibily coming out of the hole.