Product Uses (Applications)

Anchors Withstand 160MPH race cars

A race track needs to be configurable for different kinds of races.  Race tracks are defined by moveable Kerbs.  BoltHold anchors are a proven method to secure the Kerbs to the roadway's asphalt.

Our anchors allow easy removal and re-arrangement of the kerbs.  The flush anchors can be driven over where they are not required.  And the anchors withstand the forces of spin outs at 160 MPH, time and again.

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Securing Kerbs that guide racecars through torturous track

Mount Bike Racks

One of the most common applications for our asphalt anchors is for mounting bike racks to asphalt. The suggested anchor is SP10-38.

Our asphalt anchros are specified by the leading

Posts and Fences

Our anchors can be used to install fences, posts, signs and bollards directly to the asphalt surface.  We recommend using the SP18 anchor, our strongest.

Surface mount posts


Bollards protect equipment, buildings and entryways from cars.  We recommend using SP18 anchors to secure the bollards to asphalt.

Populat with electrical contractors, our asphalt anchors protect electrical panels

Roadside Signs

Our anchors are widely used to attach small signs to asphalt. Examples are parking signs, directions signs, warning signs and the like.

Post-mounted signs installed in minutes using our apshalt anchors

Speed Bumps

Plastic or rubber speed bumps and speed humps are used for traffic calming in private streets, parking lots and access roads. Speed humps are shallower and wider (in the direction of travel) than speed bumps.

The SP18-716 is the recommended anchor for this application.  We suggest that you apply anti-seize grease to the bolt before securing the bump.  The reason is that the rubber bumps wear out over time and need to be replaced.  The bolts may rust and make it impossible to remove, unless the anti-seize paste has been applied.

For extremely tough applications, where continuous trucking traffic pounds the bumps and requires their constant replacement, contact us about our SP58 anchors.  These have a 5/8" internal thread.  Ths SP58 is available as a special order only.

For more details follow our blog entry here.

Using asphalt anchors assures years of secure attachement of speed bumps to asphalt

Bus Shelters

Bus shelters can be attached to asphalt using the SP10-38 asphalt anchors.  For applications where high winds are expected, use the SP12 or SP18.  Click on the picture to see a short slide presentation showing step-by-step installation of a bus shelter.

Bus shelters installed on asphalt using asphalt anchors

Parking Locks (parking barriers)

Parking Blocks are remote controlled parking barriers that reserve a parking space for its owner.  Our company is a leading manufacturer of parking barriers.  Pictured is our MySpot 500, manufactured by our sister company Designated Parking Corp.

Parking barriers can securely be mounted to asphalt using our asphalt anchors

Scaffolding Tie down

Scaffolds are temporary structures used to support a work crew and materials during  the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings.  Scaffolds need to meet local codes foo safety and stability, and must be able to withstand high winds.

Our anchors are used to tie down scaffolding either through guy wires (using eyebolts) or by anchoring the base of the scaffold directly to the asphalt surface.  Once the project is completed, the scaffold can be removed by opening the bolts that hold them down, and the anchors can be left installed as they are flush the surface.

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Parking Stops

Parking Stops protect the car from bumping into a raised pavement.  The recommended anchors for this application is the SP18.

Pedestrian Barriers

Barriers that separate pedestrians from traffic.  These are usually used temporarily during construction.  If using our asphalt anchors, the anchors can be left behind after removal of the barriers as there are no protrusion above the asphalt surface to trip pedestrians or damage car tires.

Traffic lane delineators

These posts help define traffic lanes.  For flexible posts, use our SP10 asphalt anchors.  For stiff posts, use our SP12 asphalt anchors.

Deliniators promote road safety by discouraging illegal lane changes.

Car Ports

Carports of all shapes and designs have been using the SP10 or SP12 for successful installations for years

Car ports protect cars temproraily, seasonaly or permanently from the weather

Shopping-carts corrals

Our SP12-38 have been used extensively to tie down shopping cart corrals to asphalt. Corrals must be secured to asphalt against strong winds. At least one manufacturer uses our anchors to meet regulations that require withstanding 80 MPH winds, as well as one national supermarket chain.

These corrals have a tendency to take off in moderate winds. Some municipalities require anchoring.

Keep that Toilet Steady

Overturned Porta Potties can be quite an unpleasant mess.  Our customers tie them down against winds or theft using our anchors.

Our anchors secure Potty


Our anchors can be used to secure event tents to asphalt, but the application needs to be carefully reviewed.

Sound Barriers

Sound barrier frames like the one shown can be installed to asphalt surfaces using SP12 or SP18.

Sound barriers are vulnerable to strong winds and must be anchored down

Tie Down Airplanes

Small general aviation planes can be kept grounded strong winds . Our Anchors have been used used in conjunction with Eye Bolts to tie down general aviation airplanes to the tarmac.  When parking arrangements need to be changed, the eyebolt is removed but the anchor stays without danger to planes, cars or people because they are flush with the surface.

Dont let your plane take off without you

Jet Blast Deflectors

Our customers use the SP12-38 anchor for blast deflectors.  We also recommend the SP18 if it is more economical to use fewer anchors, as the SP18 can provide more shear and pull resistance than the SP12.

Blast deflectors must be anchored to the runway using heavy asphalt anchors such as the SP18

Runaway Airplane Arresting Fields

The SP10 has been used to install large arrestor fields at the end of runways.    See AN34 for the full story about multi-runway installations in Midway airport in Chicago.

An arresting field of about 1 acre is fixed to the end of the runway using asphalt anchors


Bleachers can be attached to asphalt for security and safety using the SP10, SP12 or the SP18 asphalt anchors.

Bleacher can moev during an exciting game. They need to be secuered with anchors.

Containers tie down

Our asphalt anchors are used to tie down temporary modular structures, such as containers and refrigeration units.

Some application require withstanding 180 MPH winds. Our acnhors do it.

Mobile Home Tie Down

Our asphalt anchors are used to tie down temporary modular structures, such as  mobile homes or school classes.

When the wind picks up, asphalt anchors hold the structure down

Kayak Rack

Our SP12-38 and SP18-716 are suitable for securing kayak racks to asphalt.  The racks pose a danger if left unanchored when Kayaks are loaded and unloaded.

Kayak racks erquire to be tied down to maintain stability


Our sp12-38 and SP18-716 have been used extensively to secure railing to asphalt.

Railings and guard rails use heavy duty asphalt anchors


Our SP10 and SP12 are widely used for installing pre-assembled ramps to asphalt.  The ramps are used for handicapped access, and as a bridge for loading or unloading of containers.

asphalt anchors used to secure half the ramp to asphalt. The other half is attached to the structure.


Use the SP12-38 or SP18-716 to secure shelving racks to asphalt.  Shelving have been secured to resist earthquakes and the occasional bumping by forklifts., 

Solar Panels

The SP10-38 is suitable for mounting solar panels to asphalt.

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