Asphalt Anchors has compiled an exhaustive array of information about anchoring to asphalt. This website is both a Library where you can find details on almost every related topic, as well as an online store where you an order any of our products.

The booklet below provides a overview of our technology, its use and why it is the best solution to anchoring to asphalt. Click on the image to open the booklet.

Title page for 2022 ebook

Anchoring to asphalt does not have to be complicated, as long as you use the right anchors for the job. Bolthold Anchors, from AAC, are engineered to work with the dynamic properties of asphalt, and can make your next proiect a huge success. In this E-booklet, you'll get:

• an understanding of the dynamic properties of asphalt 

• a clear explanation for why expansion/sleeve anchors typically fail 

• an overview of common applications for asphalt anchors 

• more than 10 links to PDF downloads. useful calculators.