EPX2 Grout

EPX2 is a grout used for the installation of the SP10, SP12, SP18 and SP58 BoltHold anchors in asphalt.  It is a blend of cement products that cures to a hard solid after being mixed with water.  Set time for the mixture is 15 minutes at temperatures 60-80 F.  The product is exothermic, generating heat during the curing process, and expands as it cures.  The expansion assures that there will be no cracks.

The EPX2 should not be used with our Dacromet anchors, as some chemicals in it interact with the Dacromet coating.  Use an epoxy instead (see below).

The grout is available in 12 oz bags and in 10 lb. tubs.


Low Temperature Epoxy Grout

At low ambient temperatures (below 40F), use warm water to mix with the EPX2 powder.  At temperatures close to freezing or below it, use special epoxies instead (such as HIT-ICE).  Do not apply to frozen ground regardless of the grout type, as the ice may prevent the grout from bonding with the asphalt itself.

For a guide how to use the EPX2 at temperatures lower than 45F, see AN36. 

Below is a list of low temperature epoxies available on the market.  We have not tested any of these.

HIT-ICE by Hilti


Simpson AT-XP® Fast-Curing Anchoring Adhesive

UNISORB® Low-Temp™ V-100® Epoxy

Dewalt Pure 100+ (not specified for low temp)

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