The City of Oakland has been installing bicycle parking racks on asphalt streets since 2012. We started out using a combination of anchor bolts and spikes, like we use for sidewalk racks, only longer (6” to 8 ½”). We found that, soon after installation, even with six pieces of long hardware for each inverted U rack—many of the racks started loosening, and had to be reinforced with epoxy . . . which didn’t work well either because once asphalt heats up, the epoxy moves with the rack. We next considered installing concrete pads, an expensive, labor-intensive alternative with ramifications for paving maintenance.


When I learned about Asphalt Anchors from a colleague at the University of California at Davis, I was anxious to try them out, and have been delighted with (and relieved by) the results. Oakland has 27 on-street bike parking corrals, and 21 of them are on asphalt. Since we started using the Asphalt Anchors in 2015, the racks have stayed firmly in place. Even when a rack is nudged by a car, the galvanized steel loop is more likely to bend at the weld than the anchors are to pull out.



Jennifer Stanley

Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities Coordinator, Safe Streets Division

City of Oakland  |  Department of Transportation 

Anchors outlast bike racks

"Time really shows how good your product is.  It is still in place after years of nuclear winds.  Good work and thank you. "

John Mcneil

Computer Consultant

"..your anchors are amazing and I will now stock these for future jobs just in case."  


Jay Garthwaite, Diamond Sports Training Center, 2/2018

Jay Garthwaite

Diamond Sports Training Center 2018

"...Speed bump installation using BoltHold asphalt anchors has all but put an end to speeding motorists behind Skatetown. The solidly anchored speed bumps have proven to be maintenance free."

Scott Slavensky


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