When we think of winter and anchoring to asphalt, two distinct challenges come to mind:  (1) the effect of winter on installed anchors, and (2) the effect of weather on the process of installation.

  1. Fortunately, anchoring installations using our BoltHold anchors and our recommended adhesive-grouts are not impacted by cold weather, rain, snow or ice.  There is, however, one aspect that merits consideration: mechanical snow plowing for installations where the attached items are removed for the winter.  One typical case is speed bumps that are removed seasonally for easier snow removal.

    The concern is that a snow plow can hit the head of the anchor or a bolt that was threaded into the anchor to protect the thread from dirt and corrosion. There is a solution: recess the anchor by 2-3mm (0.1") so that the head is truly flush with – or just below – the surface of the asphalt.  This can only be done during the anchor's installation, and is easiest when using our flattener. As far as protecting the thread, use a low profile, rounded head bolt, a set screw, or our ThreadGuard.

  2. Installing anchors during the winter is doable but does requires some special consideration. Read more here.